Accessibility statements

An accessibility statement is a page of content on your service which:

  • shows people how we can be confident our services are accessible
  • allows people to contact us if they get stuck
  • stops people wasting their time if they won’t be able to use the service
  • empowers people to hold us accountable if we are not fulfilling our responsibilities
  • helps our services to be legally compliant

There is a recommended format for accessibility statements in Government. GDS have created two templates:

There is also additional guidance on accessibility statements on GOV.UK.

Accessibility statements and the law

Under regulation 8 in the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 it states that all public sector websites must provide an accessibility statement.

Under the legislation, an accessibility statement must:

  • be provided in an accessible format
  • be published on the website of the public sector body
  • include an explanation of any features which are not accessible and why
  • outline any accessible alternatives
  • provide a method of contact so people can report issues or request information
  • outline the enforcement procedure