Building frontends

When you’re building frontends, there are existing frameworks which can help you quickly build usable and accessible services.

GOV.UK Frontend has layouts, styles and templates you can use.
DWP Frontend extends this with DWP-specific components, including some for internal services that do not use GOV.UK branding.

The GOV.UK Design System and DWP Design System include these components along with guidance on other common patterns and templates. If you use GOV.UK Frontend and DWP Frontend the components will work without installing anything else. The components are available in HTML and Nunjucks markup.

DWP CASA is a NodeJS framework built and maintained by DWP Engineering. It ships with GOV.UK Frontend built in and will give you additional features such as routing logic, validation helpers, session management and protection against common security vulnerabilities. If you’re building a NodeJS project in DWP, it is recommended you use the DWP CASA framework.

By using these resources you will leverage a lot of best practices and research on accessibility automatically.

For more in-depth accessibility considerations when building frontends you should read the Software Engineer or Frontend Developer guidance.