Screen magnifier testing

Screen magnifiers work by zooming in on the device or by showing selections in a larger font. They may also have features to increase cursor size or change colour contrasts.

They help people with visual impairments who still have some vision. People with degenerating vision may use both screen readers and screen magnifiers.

You must make sure your product or service works using at least one common screen reader.

Zoom on OS X

Voiceover is built into Mac OS X. To turn it on, choose System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom.

Zoom works at operating system level so should work on all browsers and programmes.

The DWP OS X Zoom test template is published as HTML or Open Document Text format (ODT). Use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Download the testing template you want to use:

Complete each test marking it as passed, failed or not applicable. Keep your results as evidence.