Images: Impact on users

Alt text

Roni is blind and has recently started working in the department. They have a screen reader set up on their work computer and are trying to learn how to use various work applications.

Unfortunately, the user guides are full of screenshots to support the instructions, but Roni’s screen reader just keeps announcing that there is a graphic with dimensions instead. There is no meaningful information because the screenshots do not have any alternative text.

This results in Roni not being confident to use many of the applications they need to access things like pay slips, IT support and mandatory training.

Images of text

Pierre has a degenerative eye condition and needs to zoom into around 400% to read webpages.

Pierre finds it difficult to see some images, especially if they are low quality, as they get blurry quickly when he zooms in.

If the image has alt text, he uses a use a plugin to read it. This helps him understand the image even if he cannot see it very well.

Pierre often finds that websites use images of text when they want to use a fancy font, such as quotes or motivational statements. But even when the quality is good, this is difficult for him to read. The text does not wrap or scale in the same way and he has to scroll vertically and horizontally to read it.